track bikes + long distance

it started with nate (hellbentonbikes). he converted his schwinn to a fixed and i thought he was nuts. i rode a cannondale and it was pretty fast, but i wasn’t. still, i couldn’t understand why someone would take the gears off a bike.

then, one day i got on it and tried to skid. i stacked the bike into a curb, jumped over the handlebars and realized i was falling in love with the notion of fixed gear riding.  a few months later i had my first conversion, and then a few months after that i bought the pake i have now.

then, one of the owners at my work handed me an old faded article from a newspaper that he had clipped years before. for some reason, he kept it in his pocketbook. it’s about a dude named charlie klotz. he rode his fixed gear from hollister to ny in 1935. and it took him 30 days.

that’s when i realized i wasn’t as crazy as i had initially thought.


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