freetime, fulfillment, and other myths of the working class.

3 03 2010

i work for a living.

i feel the need to say this because i have been catching some flak for the amount of time between posts on this blog. the truth is, when i’m not here, writing, i’m not testing new products that just arrived. i’m not wandering around nahbs talking bottom bracket beefiness, and i’m most certainly not racing… though i’d enjoy any of those tasks.

i’m working… upwards of 50 hours a week, and if i’m not working, well, i’m riding my bike. i do that about 10-12 hours a week, far more than anything else, except sleeping. i actually sleep less than i work. the rest of my time is divvied between watching sunsets, making food and eating it, reading, and writing stories… which seem to fare even worse than this blog when i get busy.

i’m a fairly well-rounded person, and considering this blog only incorporates one fairly small slice of my pie graph of time (not to be associated with the dachshund of time, as the dachshund could eat the pie and thus create a space-time rift that would destroy us all), it is sometimes neglected as the others facets of my life grow busier.

that being said, “that being said” is a terrible figure of speech and should be avoided whenever possible.




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