eternal furnace fire burning.

8 01 2010

i fell off my bike last night.

i was riding home, and i didn’t have a light, so i taped a small keychain light to my top tube and thought i would be ok. as i got to my last turn, an unexpected wet spot threw my front wheel out from under me.

suddenly i was falling, and in the darkness, i couldn’t tell where.

and though it probably only lasted less than a second, there was an infinite peace in the “oh fuck” that passed through my head before the ground came out of nowhere. i was laying on my back, and i laughed for a moment before realizing that i was laying on the road in the middle of a blind turn.

today, i am sore. i have cuts in a few places but mainly a bunch of bruises, and a pretty messed up ankle. but i worked way too much this week and all i can think about right now is how much fun it would be to ride up to campus and then shred back through town to hit a full thirty miles.

i can take time to recover from my wounds… tomorrow.




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