eternal furnace fire burning.

8 01 2010

i fell off my bike last night.

i was riding home, and i didn’t have a light, so i taped a small keychain light to my top tube and thought i would be ok. as i got to my last turn, an unexpected wet spot threw my front wheel out from under me.

suddenly i was falling, and in the darkness, i couldn’t tell where.

and though it probably only lasted less than a second, there was an infinite peace in the “oh fuck” that passed through my head before the ground came out of nowhere. i was laying on my back, and i laughed for a moment before realizing that i was laying on the road in the middle of a blind turn.

today, i am sore. i have cuts in a few places but mainly a bunch of bruises, and a pretty messed up ankle. but i worked way too much this week and all i can think about right now is how much fun it would be to ride up to campus and then shred back through town to hit a full thirty miles.

i can take time to recover from my wounds… tomorrow.


it’s really dumb…

3 01 2010

but i laughed pretty hard…

i feel splendid.

2 01 2010

i couldn’t really tell you how long the 75 miles took, because i’m not sure when i left. also, i stopped quite a few times because the bonty needs a new seat. but it felt good to be out by myself, putting down some decent mileage.

it was beautiful today, windy in the usual spots, but enjoyable nonetheless. actually, i am at a loss for words. today was one of those perfect days… and i’ll leave it at that.

start stumbling fall face first and stumble to start again.

2 01 2010

i drank too much on new years. to the tune of waking up early morning and pushing the proverbial “reset” button into the downstairs toilet. yesterday was spent recovering, and somehow, my insides still feel twisted today.

i’m riding the bonty to monterey anyway, just because freewheeling (just like freeballing) should make things a bit easier. it’s already 2010, and my mileage is once again at zero.