2010: a year for diminished expectations.

30 12 2009

last night, i received a call from a friend. we had a long talk that involved motivation, photography, veggies, alcoholic drinks and the agriculture industry. but at some point i was invited to las vegas for thursday, which also happens to be new years eve.

i was initially excited about the opportunity to stay in a free hotel room (which happens to be the only type of hotel room i stay in while in vegas), until i started to think about the logistics of the situation. it was then that i realized a crucial aspect of planning a trip to las vegas: it’s hella fucking far away.

so i’m going on a bike ride tomorrow, and then i’m staying home and making lasagna from scratch. i plan to be eating it when the ball drops, synchronizing my last bite with the cheering of the crowd so i can pretend the noise is actually my tastebuds cheering.

i know, new years is a pretty big night, so i like to have it all thought-out.

the ending of 2009 generally requires some sort of “looking back” post. fortunately for you, i am physically incapable of looking backwards. that’s why i have these.

i can, however, look forward… and thanks to burberry eyeglasses purchased last week, i can do so with unprecedented clarity.

let me start out by stating the blatantly obvious: 2010 will be a terrible year.

it’ll involve headwinds, rain, plenty of potholes, terrible drivers, shitty food and i’m guessing i’ll even get chased by a dog at some point. the economy probably won’t recover, and that girl is never, ever going to call me. i don’t even think she likes me.

but i don’t care. i got a bike, a dog, and a roof over both of them. and as long as i can make it through 2010 with that intact, i think things will be just fine. thusly, i have a new motto for the upcoming year.

it’s the headline for this post.




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3 01 2010
Foxy Bravo

i freakin love you

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