holy crap balls.

28 12 2009

it’s been a few months.

a bunch of things have happened. let’s just say that this was supposed to be a riding blog and all kinds of things came up unrelated to cycling and i was at a loss as to how i should present them.

but, whatever. i’ve ridden over a 1000 miles since we last talked. no biggie.

i bought a cyclocross bike that looks like this:

besides being damn pretty, this bike was built by keith bontrager’s shop in santa cruz during the late 90’s. my friend has one, and strangely enough, his  was built for justin robinson, who rode it during the world cyclocross championships in italy.

jeromy always thought his bike was unique, because it’s a custom color and size. then i found mine (which is 100% identical) on craigslist, sitting in a garage in capitola. the owner didn’t really know what he had, and i got lucky. at least, i thought i got lucky.

i ended up spending a week and close to a hundred dollars removing the seat post. i will give you the truncated version of the story. i used liquid wrench, ammonia, a vise, a long section of rebar, and eventually several hacksaw blades to remove it.

but i never cried. men only cry over dogs.

now i just need some fatty tires and i’ll be in business.

this blog will be changing a bit. more about life, less bikes. we’ll see if i can even keep it up.

hah. that’s what she said.




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