awesome kids

19 09 2009

my buddy max landed on his face and broke his cheekbone. he was rocking a wheelie, or hitting something awesome, and came out of his cage and lost control. his leg went through his front wheel, and he endo’d over and landed on his chest and face.

i found out about this through another friend posting on twitter:

“hellbentonbikes: @maximilig crashed on his bike and now we are at the ER. his ok but not rideong for a bit. send hime best wishes.”

i called the one known as hellbent and found out the entire story above but that’s not important. what’s important is that when i was hanging out at hellbent’s apt earlier, max showed up on his bike. he literally took one day off, threw a spare front wheel on his bike, and then rode over. his forks are toast, and he destroyed his cages. but that shit is replaceable, and wounds will heal.

we’re riding to big sur in a couple weeks. i’m already worried that max will feel compelled to do some wheelies on hw 1. he can’t help it… he just loves to shred.




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