ruling… or drooling?

11 09 2009

tomorrow, at around 9am, i’ll roll to jeromy’s. he’ll take one of his carbon hardtail mtbs and i’ll borrow the other one. then we’ll ride downtown to eat bagels, and maybe drink a shot of espresso, and we’ll head to the bike church around 10:30. we’ll sign up for the race, stretch a bit, and then at 11, we will fucking school about 80 other kids in the art of the wildcat.

i’ve never raced a wildcat before, but it sounds rad. a cx alleycat. i love alleycats, and i’ve been trying to get on a mtb, so it seems perfect. jeromy used to race mtb, then got slow, but has gotten back into it with a vengeance. i am so fucking stoked to be able to race with him, because i know he will teach me a few things about descending hills on singletrack.

if you can’t tell, i have high hopes. but to be honest, i would be happy with a top ten. it’s been over a decade since i bombed a hill on a mtb, and although i’m faster than i was back then, i don’t think i bounce as easily.

i’ll let you know if i come home with anything rad.




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