motivation, determination, and hangovers.

22 08 2009

i was going to do 150 miles this weekend. but i got really drunk with nate, justin and others last night and ended up with a wicked hangover. rode home from justin’s downtown and passed out for a few hours. now it might just be 100 miles.

that wouldn’t be so bad, but i will be leaving in a few weeks and i need some serious time figuring out how everything feels, and that just doesn’t happen when i’m commuting or out mashing with friends.

when i get done posting this, i will eat and then do one of three things:

1) fuck off and spend the rest of the night lamenting my lack of motivation from the safety and security of my own living room.

2) plan some sort of lesser ride (campus, or some sort of loop) and secretly wish i had the determination to actually go to monterey.

3) ride to monterey and back faster than i ever have before, just because i can, and don’t want to be riding on an illegal section of freeway after dark.

i will let you how it turns out.




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