11 08 2009

last weekend, i didn’t ride at all. well, at all means more than 10 miles.

i cleaned my house, worked on the yard.. basic domestic stuff. i realized that the reality of leaving to ride my bike for long distances entails more than physical fitness and the proper equipment. i need to get my house ready for my absence. plants will need to be watered, and the animals need provisions as well. i’m building a dog run in the backyard, but my dog has special needs. specifically, she tends to get real fierce with other dogs when she gets out, so the area needs to be a setting similar to san quentin.

i spent a few hours on that last weekend, then worked on my cruiser bike. i put gears on it. and then i realized the bike is too small for me, so i’m going to paint it and give it to a friend at work. he needs a bike because he used to run but now it seems to be too high impact for him. i told him i’d charge him 20 bucks, but i’ll probably gift the bike. there never seems to be enough bike-gifting in this world.

on the gear front, i am expecting my rack and handlebars with aero brakes and all the fixins. this is my rack, these are my bars, and these are my legs. no, just kidding about the legs. but let’s be honest, the rack and bars were gonna be sexier than any leg pics i put up.

what’s the moral of the story? steroids are bad.




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