5 08 2009

i had just finished telling him about my riding, and how i planned to visit him in the spring with my bike and wanted to ride down from his place. he laughed and said it was far, but did so in a way that belittled the distance at the same time. this was a man who grew up in an era of 65 lb cruisers and day trips from san jose over the hill to santa cruz.

“i’m also going to come up before that in october, because i think we should play some pool. are you gonna be up for a game?”

he paused to think for a moment, and to be honest, i don’t know what he was thinking about. i’m hoping it wasn’t about the faulty pacemaker and the loose wire that was lodged in his heart, though he could have been thinking about the fact that we hadn’t played in over ten years, or nearly half the span of my life.maybe he was thinking about the table i own, and how he had bought it with my grandma in 1974, 35 years before the one that saw the end of her life. or the recent knee replacement, and the countless hours of rehab he had suffered through to stand without a walker.

he could have been thinking about any or all of those things, but all i know is how he responded.

“you know, i think we could get a game or two in next time you come up. that sounds like fun”

that’s my grandpa. he’s a fuckin badass.




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