95 miles/6.5 hours

26 07 2009

i had ridden over 60 miles, and it was then that i realized i was on the wrong fucking highway. i was at the point where 156 meets 101, approximately 15 miles from where i wanted to be, without the faintest clue how to get back. and as the cars whisked by at 65 mph, a small child inside my head sat down and began to cry.

but the shoulder of a highway is no place to get upset. i calmly exited at the next opportunity, and then used my phone to look up a map. i know, for a luddite blog, i’m sure relying on modern tech.

but to be honest, i wrote down point by point directions on a small piece of paper earlier in the day. after that, i gave that piece of paper to a wayward cyclist heading the same route when he asked for directions. “keep it,” i said, “i’ve memorized it.” i was incredibly stoned, and hadn’t, but figured i would be alright.

i also helped some guy push his car (he ran out of gas) off the highway about ten minutes later. i’m sure it was an interesting sight for all the people caught in traffic. but back to getting lost.

i cheated, figured out where i was, and where i needed to be. and a hilly 15 miles later, i had managed to cut west to the ocean and hw1.

the last section, san andreas and bonita, was a real motherfucker when trying to keep a pace of 18 in the flats. the wind, which had already taken its toll, was finally behind, but the hills killed my pace to 10 mph. at that speed my cadence is terribly slow and it really starts to drain.

i took a quick detour/break at the patio liquor store. i wanted to get one of their awesome sandwiches, but arrived 30 min after the kitchen closed. i got a clif bar and a power bar (hadn’t had one in a while), and a gatorade, and did some stretches.

a couple observations: 1)people give me weird looks when i’m stretching outside of a liquor store. 2)power bars are a terribly chewy. it was its own workout to consume the damn thing. i will stick to clif.

i set my fixed speed record of 34.9 mph during my last mile, and then got home and played with my dog. it was a good saturday.




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