let’s ride bikes!

23 07 2009

it started a month or two ago, when i was reading a story about the first years of the TDF. in the beginning, it was just a race. men and bicycles, slugging it out on dirt roads through the mu’fcking alps.

derailleurs? sorry, buddy, not invented yet. just fixed cogs, 40lb frames and some of the craziest motherfuckers you could imagine.

all this radness got me thinking, and i decided to test my mettle. i’m gonna load up my little pake and hit the road, hopefully making it to LA in 5 days. that’s a little under 400 miles. crazier shit has been done, right?

i’ll be using a fixed gear ratio 0f 49×16, but i’ll have brakes and a cheater freewheel cog on the other side of the hub in case things get ugly. cetma rack, panniers, and all the waterbottles i can fit on my frame. oh, and it’ll happen early september. this blog is my little way of making sure that happens.

tomorrow, i will order a cetma rack! we’re gonna have tons of fun together.




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