freetime, fulfillment, and other myths of the working class.

3 03 2010

i work for a living.

i feel the need to say this because i have been catching some flak for the amount of time between posts on this blog. the truth is, when i’m not here, writing, i’m not testing new products that just arrived. i’m not wandering around nahbs talking bottom bracket beefiness, and i’m most certainly not racing… though i’d enjoy any of those tasks.

i’m working… upwards of 50 hours a week, and if i’m not working, well, i’m riding my bike. i do that about 10-12 hours a week, far more than anything else, except sleeping. i actually sleep less than i work. the rest of my time is divvied between watching sunsets, making food and eating it, reading, and writing stories… which seem to fare even worse than this blog when i get busy.

i’m a fairly well-rounded person, and considering this blog only incorporates one fairly small slice of my pie graph of time (not to be associated with the dachshund of time, as the dachshund could eat the pie and thus create a space-time rift that would destroy us all), it is sometimes neglected as the others facets of my life grow busier.

that being said, “that being said” is a terrible figure of speech and should be avoided whenever possible.


eternal furnace fire burning.

8 01 2010

i fell off my bike last night.

i was riding home, and i didn’t have a light, so i taped a small keychain light to my top tube and thought i would be ok. as i got to my last turn, an unexpected wet spot threw my front wheel out from under me.

suddenly i was falling, and in the darkness, i couldn’t tell where.

and though it probably only lasted less than a second, there was an infinite peace in the “oh fuck” that passed through my head before the ground came out of nowhere. i was laying on my back, and i laughed for a moment before realizing that i was laying on the road in the middle of a blind turn.

today, i am sore. i have cuts in a few places but mainly a bunch of bruises, and a pretty messed up ankle. but i worked way too much this week and all i can think about right now is how much fun it would be to ride up to campus and then shred back through town to hit a full thirty miles.

i can take time to recover from my wounds… tomorrow.

it’s really dumb…

3 01 2010

but i laughed pretty hard…

i feel splendid.

2 01 2010

i couldn’t really tell you how long the 75 miles took, because i’m not sure when i left. also, i stopped quite a few times because the bonty needs a new seat. but it felt good to be out by myself, putting down some decent mileage.

it was beautiful today, windy in the usual spots, but enjoyable nonetheless. actually, i am at a loss for words. today was one of those perfect days… and i’ll leave it at that.

start stumbling fall face first and stumble to start again.

2 01 2010

i drank too much on new years. to the tune of waking up early morning and pushing the proverbial “reset” button into the downstairs toilet. yesterday was spent recovering, and somehow, my insides still feel twisted today.

i’m riding the bonty to monterey anyway, just because freewheeling (just like freeballing) should make things a bit easier. it’s already 2010, and my mileage is once again at zero.

2010: a year for diminished expectations.

30 12 2009

last night, i received a call from a friend. we had a long talk that involved motivation, photography, veggies, alcoholic drinks and the agriculture industry. but at some point i was invited to las vegas for thursday, which also happens to be new years eve.

i was initially excited about the opportunity to stay in a free hotel room (which happens to be the only type of hotel room i stay in while in vegas), until i started to think about the logistics of the situation. it was then that i realized a crucial aspect of planning a trip to las vegas: it’s hella fucking far away.

so i’m going on a bike ride tomorrow, and then i’m staying home and making lasagna from scratch. i plan to be eating it when the ball drops, synchronizing my last bite with the cheering of the crowd so i can pretend the noise is actually my tastebuds cheering.

i know, new years is a pretty big night, so i like to have it all thought-out.

the ending of 2009 generally requires some sort of “looking back” post. fortunately for you, i am physically incapable of looking backwards. that’s why i have these.

i can, however, look forward… and thanks to burberry eyeglasses purchased last week, i can do so with unprecedented clarity.

let me start out by stating the blatantly obvious: 2010 will be a terrible year.

it’ll involve headwinds, rain, plenty of potholes, terrible drivers, shitty food and i’m guessing i’ll even get chased by a dog at some point. the economy probably won’t recover, and that girl is never, ever going to call me. i don’t even think she likes me.

but i don’t care. i got a bike, a dog, and a roof over both of them. and as long as i can make it through 2010 with that intact, i think things will be just fine. thusly, i have a new motto for the upcoming year.

it’s the headline for this post.

holy crap balls.

28 12 2009

it’s been a few months.

a bunch of things have happened. let’s just say that this was supposed to be a riding blog and all kinds of things came up unrelated to cycling and i was at a loss as to how i should present them.

but, whatever. i’ve ridden over a 1000 miles since we last talked. no biggie.

i bought a cyclocross bike that looks like this:

besides being damn pretty, this bike was built by keith bontrager’s shop in santa cruz during the late 90’s. my friend has one, and strangely enough, his  was built for justin robinson, who rode it during the world cyclocross championships in italy.

jeromy always thought his bike was unique, because it’s a custom color and size. then i found mine (which is 100% identical) on craigslist, sitting in a garage in capitola. the owner didn’t really know what he had, and i got lucky. at least, i thought i got lucky.

i ended up spending a week and close to a hundred dollars removing the seat post. i will give you the truncated version of the story. i used liquid wrench, ammonia, a vise, a long section of rebar, and eventually several hacksaw blades to remove it.

but i never cried. men only cry over dogs.

now i just need some fatty tires and i’ll be in business.

this blog will be changing a bit. more about life, less bikes. we’ll see if i can even keep it up.

hah. that’s what she said.